With the advent of the Internet, educators discovered a new medium for communicating with students. Throughout the 1990s, online education which evolved from basic corporate computer-based training programs is embraced by colleges and universities across the country. As technology continues to advance, so does the nature of online education.

Eduseeds is a form of distance learning that emphasizes the use of a personal computer. Students take courses via the Internet and utilize a variety of audio and video technologies to enhance their electronic communication with instructors. Of course, there are some hybrid education courses that allow students to complete a portion of their work online, but also require in-class sessions. Currently, Eduseeds is available in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.

Our Vision

Our vision is to strive for fairness in its treatment of religious topics and honesty in presentation. Although coming from a Christian perspective, it does not knowingly misrepresent other orientations. The Bible is treated as an authoritative work, Continue reading

Our Mission

Our mission is committed to fulfill its mission through quality distance education programs. The mission calls for a solid educational foundation. Building faith is not an emotional experience; it is an educational endeavor, Continue reading


Subjects Curriculum


1. Mathematic
Math introduces children to the sublime joy of learning along with understanding concepts. The lessons are carefully structured keeping in mind that the child must acquire certain skills. Continue reading

Online Academy

A modern, technology-based online curriculum reflects today’s educational needs and provides Eudseeds students in grades 1-10 with a virtual learning experience in Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Bible and Computer Studies. Continue reading


The CEN News

IGCSE Results by Principal Santhi Simon

IGCSE Results by Principal Santhi Simon

Chempaka Assembly of GOD Homeschooling Center offers a modern digital technology based learning platform for IGCSE. The IGCSE curriculum offered is a self motivated learning process where the student is able to set his/her own pace and goals. Continue reading