Self-directed learning method allows students to be more effective in learning. Students exercise a great deal of independence and approach the learning task within a given framework of lessons. Teachers scaffold learning techniques to give students a solid foundation in their learning process. This ensures students achieve academic excellence with confidence


While still attending a “brick-and-mortar” school structure, face-to-face classroom methods are combined with online multimedia content. Our students learn in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path or pace. The blending learning provides the opportunity for data collection and customization of instruction and assessment as two major benefits of this approach. It has the added benefit to boost student achievement outcomes.


Review, revise, repeat and individualize. Our rich multimedia resources provide an exhilarating journey, anytime, anywhere, eliminating boredom in the learning process.


International General Certificate of Secondary Education, one of the most sought after recognized qualifications is presented in a multimedia learning platform. The e-learning, teaching videos, power point slides, multimedia and animation, together with live web streaming classes provide the students with optimal learning outcomes. We are using a curriculum that closely mirrors IGCSE UK. The certification of achievement will come from Cambridge UK itself


Our Eduseeds curriculum is an academically rigorous and dynamic programme that prepares students confidently to take the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) UK. Eduseeds has incorporated the best and latest educational methodologies and approaches available worldwide into our curriculum. All areas of our curriculum are well integrated through a holistically academic, emotional and spiritual approach to ensure success in the 21st century.


.Developing Living Skills
.Developing Outdoor Skills
.Developing Social Skills
.Developing Health and Fitness
.Becoming Tomorrow’s Leaders
.Becoming Successful Adults
.Making a Difference in Society

Our integrated programme of Emerging Leaders, Values Education and Robotics covers all areas of the student’s character development. Emerging Leaders equips students with our leadership skills programme. Values Education will inculcate a set of positive social, religious and cultural values. Lastly our Robotics programme enhances every student’s logical mathematical intelligence as well as team building skills.