The topics are developed in a simple, easy to understand language. They are visually attractive and self-explanatory with illustrations, pictures and multimedia content where the child is able to visualise the content or concept. The students are able to explore their world and discover new things. It is an active subject, containing hands-on activities and experiments. It builds the child’s mind to think, analyse and conclude about a topic. The objective, in the end is to ensure students value science as an important tool in their journey of discovering the natural and physical world.

Our IGCSE curriculum is designed to thoroughly cover the prescribed syllabus as well as to prepare students so that they are firmly grounded for their future educational paths.
The curriculum ensures that they understand the topics, acquire the required skills and attain the learning disciplines that are vital for success in their further studies.
Our students are also comprehensively prepared for the assessments and examinations that they need to undertake.

This subject introduces children to the sublime joy of learning along with understanding concepts. The lessons are carefully structured keeping in mind that the child must acquire certain skills. Skills such as concepts, application and developing the problem solving skills are important to nurture the children and make mathematics fun and enjoyable. The courses have been designed with colourful illustrations and multimedia contents to promote a positive attitude towards mathematics.