The Amazing Ants Preschool Programme is a specially designed integrated curriculum built upon the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. Crafted to provide a smooth and positive transition to life-long learning, children aged four to six are guided individually and led in confidence to explore and master six essential objectives ranging from the ability to remember information up to the highly sought-after ability to create,  through the three years of Amazing Ants.

This underlined science of arrangements principle also plays a vital role in the building blocks of C.A.P.S., an acronym of the four specified learning domains: Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor and Social, emphasized in the Amazing Ants Preschool Programme.

Preschool CAPS

All in all, the Amazing Ants Preschool Programme provides the ideal opportunity for early learners to enjoy and establish an interest to begin independent learning alongside a vital and effective support system. Through C.A.P.S., preschoolers return to their primary need to play, learn and enjoy their childhood and yet emerge as competent individuals to all that the 21st Century holds.