My name is Juan Austin Mercy. I’am a former student from one of the EDUSEEDS centres called Victory Tabernacle Christian School located in Semarang, Indonesia.

My journey with EDUSEEDS first began back in early 2013. January 7, 2013, to be exact. I remember being thrilled about moving into new school as I found the idea of studying through a computer a fascinating concept. It was an idea which was very distinct at the time; For, I had never heard of such a programme implemented in any other schools in Indonesia. Hence, given the opportunity, I took it without hesitation. However, contrary to my assumption, it was more difficult than I had initially thought. It took some time for me to fully comprehend and get a grip on the EDUSEEDS system. Once I was well adjusted, things just flowed naturally from there. The programme in its entirety aided me in my studies in numerous ways. Firstly, it tought me to be independent and it embedded an analytical mindset in me. So, instead of relying on others,  I would figure out a way to solve my problems on my own. Secondly, it prompted me to give up so easily. If I were to run into a dead end, I would need to keep trying other alternatives until the obstacle had been tackled. The system equipped me with values that would prove crucial in due ime. An essential phase in my life, as it were.

However, EDUSEEDS is not without its shortcomings. While it does provide a set of advantages and benefits, the system also entails an equal amount of flaws. Furthermore, these flaws may not necessarily be in direct correlation to EDUSEEDS. It can also be more situational in nature. As a result, I could go on for hours on end discussing, in detail, the pros and cons of EDUSEEDS. Unfortunately, I have to keep things short.

A special shout out to Ps. Kevin Gan, the founder of EDUSEEDS. If it were not for him, I would not be where I am right now. I would not even be aware of such a programme.

In conclusion, EDUSEEDS is an unprecedented system. A system which is unique and has produced some truly bright minds.


By Juan Austin Mercy

The Eduseeds programme has encouraged me to learn and explore beyond what is being taught in the classrooms. Eduseeds has also encouraged me to do self -learning, without being entirely dependent on the teachers.

I’m currently pursuing my studies in Taylor’s University and planning to major in Architecture.

Thanks Ms Judith for your encouragement throughout my time in Chempaka. Wishing you and your family a Happy and Prosperous New Year and may God continue bless you abundantly !…Thanks !

By Loke Zhi Ming